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Member Spotlight – April 2021

Our Member Spotlight for the month of April is

Amita Mehta Possible, LLC (AMP)

Every month our Board picks a Chamber Member in a random drawing to be featured on our website and social media platforms as a "Member Spotlight"

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About Amita

When Amita Mehta left her corporate job two years ago to launch Amita Mehta Possible, LLC (AMP), she says her heart was full because she knew she would be inspiring people to bet on themselves.  Then, when she saw the impact of COVID-19 on the job market, she knew she was positioned to make a difference.  She could leverage everything she learned during her career to help people navigate this new and unpredictable landscape.

Many of Amita’s clients are facing the most pivotal, vulnerable moments of their lives during their work with Amita, which she says is both humbling and gratifying.  Her clients include leaders who want to create a roadmap for honing a strong, inclusive team dynamic to achieve business objectives, and individuals looking to land their next great job or identify their true passion.

Amita serves in three primary roles for her clients:

First, as a business strategist, she supports corporate clients in establishing and executing scalable initiatives.  In this role, she has worked with Prudential to prioritize inclusion and equity objectives, with ETrade to host a workshop on the buying power of Gen Z, and with the LGBT Coalition of Lancaster and Church World Services to host a session focused on the LGBT refugee experience.

Second, as a career architect, Amita serves as a personal chief of staff for her clients, working with them to navigate the often-unwieldy marketplace with critical thinking and careful strategizing.  Drawing upon her own corporate experience, she helps her clients establish and activate individualized career plans.  These clients have worked with brands including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and Chanel and in areas including sales, marketing, operations, retail, fashion, and non-profit.

Third, as a motivational speaker, Amita has delivered customized keynote speeches, workshops and seminars to a range of organizations and conference hosts including Dow Jones, Lowes, OPEX National Conference, and the Multicultural Conference for Women.

Quick Highlights

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