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Member Spotlight – June 2021

Our Member Spotlight for the month of June is

Adrienne and Melissa Longo
Electric Love Studios

Every month our Board picks a Chamber Member in a random drawing to be featured on our website and social media platforms as a "Member Spotlight"

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About Shannon

I am a Financial Consultant with Modern Planning Group based out of Spring Lake, New Jersey, focused on helping individuals feel confident in planning for their lives ahead of them. I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with my partners for the past eight years, and officially joined the team and began growing my practice with them in January 2020.

My true passion is helping individuals realize that financial planning and education does not need to be a daunting task, and stems from personal experience within my own family. My goal is to make sure that families know that resources are available, goals are attainable, and that no question or concern is insignificant.

Prior to starting my practice at Modern Planning Group, I worked in New York for a law firm aiding in investigations for securities class action lawsuits, where my love of expanding my knowledge base and helping people grew. When I made the decision to live closer to my family, I knew it was also the time to help other individuals and families navigate life's changes and secure financial independence and stability.

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